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Skin And Hair

Skin & Hair Analysis & Treatment
Skin Polishing & Shining
Treatment For Pimple & Pigmentation
Skin & Tag Removal
Botox Injection & Wrinkles
Dark Circle Reduction
Cosmetic Surgery
Skin Transplant For Leucoderma
Acne Scars Surgery
Ear Lobe Repair
Mole Removel

The scientifically advanced three-step system of the Hair Care Line helps to restore strength to the cortex, repair the shaft and protect the cuticle. It is one of the best choices that gives your hair back to its youthful & shinny look in only 7 days!

Skin care is the range of practices that support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions. They can include nutrition, avoidance of excessive sun exposure and appropriate use of emollients

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